Supremely Motown

The tribute show to the incomparable Supremes

Welcome to Supremely Motown the tribute show to the incomparable Supremes and some of the incredible music from the Supremes era that made Motown what it was!

The Supremes were the most commercially successful group on the “Motown” label.  They came from humble beginnings living in the projects of Detroit and ended their careers as International Icons.  The show features our incredible talent with voices that will blow the roof off the joint!  The costumes of course play to the signature style and class of that era and the choreography will make you feel like you stepped back in time!  Your toes will be tapping and you might just have to dance when you hear the amazing hits that made the Divas of Motown famous like: Stop In The Name Of Love, Come See About Me, Respect, Dreamgirls, Heatwave and Baby Love.  The show will also pay tribute to many other voices that contributed to the historical fame of Motown like Aretha Franklin, The Ronnettes and Gladys Knight to name a few.

Amazing Music, Amazing Talent and and Amazing Night that your guests will never forget!

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